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The joy of hitting men with random objects in Hitman 3

VIDEO: The joy of hitting men in Hitman, also available on YouTube

Here are just a few of the objects you can seriously harm someone with in the recent Hitman 3: a blueberry muffin, a cannonball, a cheeseburger, a feather duster, a frying pan, a bone (the meat still on), an expensive snow globe, some driftwood, a cowboy bust, a bag of sugar, a custodial wet floor notice, an android arm, a dead fish, a didgeridoo, a Maori paddle, and the classic brick. 

Remember, we're just scratching the surface of smack-a-dude tech. When you get to expired-can-of-spaghetti levels of blunt force trauma, you'll know you're playing Hitman for real. 

And now here's an austere meat machine born to kill pulling a ceramic cowboy bust, a banana, and a pool ball from his pockets and knocking out three trained mercenaries in under two seconds. Watch them as they fall, folding over like parade balloons. It's pure videogame slapstick and one of the most joyful videogame actions ever. 

Let's celebrate with a montage.

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