The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing shows off Katarina, your ghostly companion

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It must be quite handy having a ghost companion, a fact that Jeff Randall - of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) fame - knows only too well. As it turns out, legendary vampire hunter (well, son of a legendary vampire hunter) Van Helsing (opens in new tab) had a ghost-chum of his own: the magical Lady Katarina. NeoCore Games' latest video, below, shows us what the fancy lady is capable of, proving that death isn't the handicap it used to be. Here's what we thought (opens in new tab) of the upcoming action RPG when we got our hands on it earlier this month.

As well as being handy in a scrap, Katarina can change form, freeze enemies in place, and teleport you back to town when you need to offload all your old crossbows. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (opens in new tab) is out this May, though if you pre-order the game you can join the closed beta right now.

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