The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle is go

The latest humble bundle lets you pay what you want for a fantastic bundle of Frozenbyte games, including gorgeous co-op platformer, Trine, top down shooters Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds: Survivors and two brand new games, Splot and Jack Claw. Jack Claw is an unfinished prototype, but it looks great, and you'll get access to the full source code as well. You play as a man called Jack who has a giant claw that can throw cars. Splot isn't out yet, but if you buy it in the bundle you'll get a copy as soon as it's released.

All of the proceeds from your payment are split between the developers, Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. As with all of the humble bundles so far, you can customise what proportions of your payments go to each organisation. You'll get the games DRM free, too. The bundle is set to run from now until April 26.

Tom Senior

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