The Free Webgame Round-Up

Just as death is an inevitable part of life, having your house smashed up is an inevitable part of home ownership – or it is in the therapeutic Destroy Your Home, at least. This week's round-up is also dedicated to an aristocratic jerk who murdered your entire family, a small square haunted by his past, and a Pop Tart. Indie games, everybody.

Mr. Tart by Max Glockling

Play it online here.

If nothing else, it's a pleasure to finally see the world from the Pop Tart's point of view in Max Glockling's Stencyl Jam 2013-winning platformer Mr. Tart. To the sugary breakfast treat, it turns out the world is full of spikes and toasters – which sounds about right, considering. Thankfully, the rather basic platforming of the early tutorial stages soon gives way to tricky co-op, either with yourself or another player, if you can both fit round the keyboard. Mildly diverting stuff, but it won't fill you up – a bit like a Pop Tart, it has to be said. (Via Indie Statik )

Stockholm by Evan Zenker

Play it online here.

In the minimalist platformer Stockholm, your greatest enemy is you, you, you and you, albeit at different periods in time. As you run, jump and wall-jump your way through each stage – rather than finding your way to an exit, you're picking up collectibles – you're soon followed by a ghost constructed from your own past movements. Take too long completing the level and another ghost appears – and so on. Make contact with any of these spook clones and you'll meet your blocky maker, meaning you need to plan your route meticulously to avoid double-backing on yourself. Though it doesn't seem to like my computer very much, Stockholm is nevertheless a thoughtful mish-mash of ideas, delivered with a great amount of care. (Via IndieGames )

Je Suis Pierre The Movie: The Game by Four Shadow Games

Play it online here.

I can't help but feel that more games should devote over half their available viewing area to a sneering aristocrat villain, who narrates (and mocks) everything you do. Without this conceit, Je Suis [I'm not typing the whole thing] would be a fairly standard, slightly rough sidescrolling action game, albeit one with a cool sliding move. Thankfully, it does have a sneering aristocrat villain who narrates everything you do – and a fine job he makes of it too. There's also some appropriate piano accompaniment and a rather high difficulty level – one jab from an enemy and you're toast. (Via IndieGames )

Destroy Your Home by fabienporee

Play it online here.

If your house was made out of Jenga pieces, Destroy Your Home is what would happen the moment you walked through the door. It's less of a game and more the best episode of Cowboy Builders ever – the rogue traders that constructed your dream home having neglected to stick any of the bricks together (really, even blu-tack would have been done). As such it sways and threatens to topple with every minute movement – and that's where the fun begins. Destroy Your Home is as therapeutic as the name suggests, and there's even a hidden minigame once you've turned your dream house into a pile of Lego. (Via Indie Game Hunt )

Tom Sykes

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