The first heroes in SC2's DOTA map


It's been tough to wrangle enough players to get a full game of Blizzard's new DOTA map going on the show floor so far, but we've had plenty of time to get familiar with the character selection screen. We've taken down the full list of the abilities of half of them so far. the game plays very similar to Warcraft III's DOTA AllStars map. Read on to see Blizzard's own take on the competitive genre birthed inside their RTS games.

Each hero has one passive aura that they don't need to train, which is listed first on their bullet point list of abilities. They also have an ultimate ability, which is listed last.

Raynor - The iconic Marine specializes in abilities and movement speed

- Command aura, nearby units +10% damage aura

- Piercing shot, lined shot that goes through multiple units

- Mark Target, it takes 10-50% more damage

- Flare area, enemy units deal less damage andhave less armor

- Rally, nearby units have increased movement and attack speed temporarily

- Call reinforcements, marine backups are dropped in (9-12 at a time)

Muradin - Dwarf that specializes in health and abilities

- Basic attacks can stun and deal bonus damage

- Storm Bolt, to stun and deal damage

- Thunderclap, damage and slows movement and attack speed of nearby enemies

- Adamantium Plating, passive armor and spell defense

- War Cry, buffs attack damage of friendlies, reduces of enemies

- Avatar, makes you uber powerful temporarily

Zeratul - Protoss Dark Zealot that specializes in attack, abilities, and speed

- passive: 20% miss on all attacks

- Phase Strike, teleports and damages all enemies he touches on the way

- Phase Blades, passive armor pen and stun chance

- Blink, teleport

- Astral Projection, blinking creates clones and stealths hero

- Illusion Device, rapid fire hits on single target

Za'Muro - Orc swordmaster specializes in life and speed

- 15% chance to autohit anyone that melees him

- Lotus Strike, cone attack that slows and damages

- Cosmic Blossom, all attacks have a chance to deal aoe damage

- Chakra Waves, nearby heroes healed every time he attacks

- Asura's Call, all units attack you, attack faster, but for less damage

- Bladestorm, spin of death

Grunty - Space marine murloc specializes in attack, abilities and speed

- Vigor, nearby friendly units +10% movement speed

- Lunar Tide, life regen on friendly unit

- Aqua Shot, 10% chance attack will do aoe and slow attack speed of enemies

- Ensnare, immobilize enemies in a net

- Haste, buff movement and attack speed

- Rapid Fire, 300% attack for 2 seconds

Stitches - Space marine abomination specializes on life

- Disease Cloud, damages all nearby enemies for 0.5% of max health/second

- Slam, damage and stun aoe

- Hook, damage and pull enemy unit behind him

- Devour, kills and gains life equal to its max health

- Passive increase to armor, life and regen

- Putrid Bite, circle of debuff on the ground that damages and slows.

The remaining six heroes playable on the show floor are: Kerrigan, Sylvannas, a hydralisk, a terran ghost, an ultralisk, and a tauren space marine (L80ETC).