The Elder Scrolls Online's first Emperor player interviewed, relied on trail mix to succeed

If it's good to be the king, then being Emperor must be a pretty nice gig, too. The Elder Scrolls Online's first player-emperor goes by the name "Morkulth." He has his own battle cry and a horse named Moonbeam. In a new interview at the official ESO website, Morkulth says he relied on his guildmates, early access to the game, and a lot of trail mix to make it to the top.

Reaching the rank of Emperor in ESO reflects success in specific PvP alliance war campaign events. Players who top the leaderboard for each campaign ascend to the fictional throne and get a full skill tree that lasts the life of the character. Now, these skills lines are a big deal in ESO, as the way they morph and change has a tremendous impact on how the game feels and the kinds of challenges players can overcome. If I could imagine an imperial gift in ESO, this might be it. And I'm sure Morkulth gets some bragging rights as well, even as the high elf sorcerer was full of praise for those who helped him achieve this.

"It was a little nerve-wracking, to be honest," Morkulth tells developer Zenimax Online Media. "I was not expecting to be on the top of the leaderboard because I started a little behind some other members who were in the campaign. I had confidence, though, in my ability to stay to the plan I had set up for myself and follow through with my goals. It felt great to open up my mail and see a beautiful costume ready for use. I was elated that I had the support of great guilds like Entropy Rising and PRX, my trusty steed Moonbeam, and my mara partner Grimalkin. Without the combined efforts of everyone it could not have been accomplished."

Asked how he prepared for his battle to the Ruby Throne, Morkulth tells Zenimax, "I prepared by having lots of trail mix at hand if the fight was to go into the late hours of the night and making sure I stayed rested (physically). To stay motivated, I kept my eyes on the prize."

If you're curious about who else has been able to reach the emperor rank since the game's release last month, Zenimax says it is planning a series of interviews to highlight these unique players. For more on ESO, check out our review .