The Elder Scrolls Online trailer introduces The Dark Brotherhood

Elder Scrolls Online Dark Brotherhood

That chap up there is Caius Naughtymurders, leader of The Elder Scrolls Online's Dark Brotherhood guild, and it's definitely his name because look at him. He wants your sneaky Khajit/magical Argonian/fighty human to do some murders for him, murders that will involve sneaking up on people and introducing daggers to their formerly rupture-free throats. (There will hopefully be other, more devious ways to assassinate people, as in the previous Elder Scrolls games, but the trailer doesn't show any such ways). Speaking of which, here's a new trailer offering a 'first look' at TESO's upcoming Dark Brotherhood DLC.

No, it's not particularly illuminating, as the latter half of the trailer is taken up with a weird recap of the first, but hey ho. At least we know that the Dark Brotherhood is "coming soon" to TESO, and this is obviously Good News because the Dark Brotherhood is ace.

Not as ace as the Thieves Guild, but still.

Do you have a favourite Elder Scrolls guild? The Fighters Guild is the wrong answer, obviously.

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