The Elder Scrolls Online European megaserver migration happening tomorrow

The Elder Scrolls Online European megaserver migration promised in May will take place on July 29—yes, that's tomorrow—and unfortunately for those who play on it, it's going to be an all-day process.

You might want to come up with something else to do tomorrow if you play ESO on the European megaserver. Beginning at 8 am EDT (1 pm BST) on July 29, ZeniMax Online will begin the process of migrating the game to its European data center. The process is expected to take until 5 pm EDT (10 pm BST) and during that time, the game will be unavailable to anyone who plays on the European side. The North American megaserver will not be affected.

And why is the European server migration happening during North American business hours? "Moving everything over to our new datacenter is a complex operation involving a large number of our engineers and support staff in Europe and North America," the studio explained . "It's important to us that everyone we need for the process is awake, ready, and available. This will help us make the transition as smooth as possible."

From the perspective of players, nothing will change as the result of the migration, and no patching will be required. Character transfers from the North American server to the European one won't be available after the migration either, although ZeniMax hinted that it might be allowed at some point in the future.

Andy Chalk

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