The Earl Octopusor is a beautiful free aquatic adventure game

Are you a sailor? This is your regular reminder to keep your giant octopus insurance policy up-to-date. In free adventure game, The Earl Octopusor, one of the squiggly fiends mugs an innocent sailor, who dispatches a last-second call for help to adventurer, Miss Libellule. As said adventurer, you dive underwater to hunt for the Octopus' treasure by completing puzzles in a beautifully illustrated aquatic realm.

The Earl Octopusor is the latest adventure game from Jo99 , and the second to star Miss Libellule, after her debut in The Queen of Snakes . If you've played a point-'n-click before, you'll glide right in easily. A lot of the puzzles require careful examination of the dense artwork and there's a bit of slightly obtuse pixel-hunting to find hotspots in the busier environments, but the overall effect is endearing.

You can play it now in your browser over on Jayisgames .

Tom Senior

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