The debut trailer for Descenders showcases risky downhill freeriding

"The PC needs a new skateboarding game," we said back in May, and that remains the situation because, sorry to say, we're still not getting one. But we are getting something that might just scratch the sports on wheels itch: Descenders, an "extreme downhill freeriding" game that new indie publisher No More Robots described as "essentially Skate on bikes." 

Descenders makes use of procedurally generated maps and a "fully-fledged physics systems" that enables players to string together extreme combos on unique downhill runs. Make it to the bottom of the moutain without eating a tree, a rock, or other such unyielding bone-breakers, and you'll earn "Rep points" for you and your community-based team: Enemy, Arboreal, or Kinetic. Each has its own colors and gear, and they'll be in constant competition for top spot on the monthly leaderboards—and the prizes that come with it. 

Teams will also have leaderboards of their own, and members will have access to exclusive practice and social areas in the "Descenders Overworld." 

And it looks awfully fast. I haven't played it, like you I've only watched the trailer, but seeing the two-wheeled warrior get smoked by a hill, a ramp, and a tree made me wince a little on the inside. Always wear your helmet, kids. 

Descenders doesn't have a release date yet, but you can sign up for the upcoming beta by choosing your team at

Andy Chalk

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