The damnation game: Go To Hell

go to hell thumb

Go To Hell is a flash game where you have to dig 666 miles underground. It does a couple of interesting things with water. The first is that it flows down into caverns below as you tunnel furiously downwards. The second thing is that it then drowns you, and anything else that can't swim out of there. Say what you will against water, though, it's nowhere near as bad as the lava. Guess what that does?

Go to Hell is controlled entirely with the arrow keys. Up is jump, left and right are for walking, and pushing against a wall or the floor will have you mine it out. Run out of air, get too hungry, or stand on some spikes, and you'll start losing health. Keep your health bar from running out or you lose a life. Lose three lives and you're forced to restart.

Channelling water around the cave as you mine through water pockets is a great joy. You've got to strike a balance between filling up the entire cave system - and therefore drowning - and having no water at all - nothing to drown other things with. You can't attack, so the various green snakes and man-sized bats will keep nibbling at your health bar until you pour a hundred gallons of sweaty water on them.

Underground, there is ham, and there are coins, and health packs. Across the vast PC Gamer corpus, we must have established that by now, surely? You need to get fifty coins to get into hell. What happens when you get there? Do tell us.