The Curse of the Chocolate Fountain


"Theme: You can't stop pooping." Is there any greater theme? Bird-dodgin', super-poopin' indie game Icarus Proudbottom in: The Curse of the Chocolate Fountain suggests not.

Created by 8-bit band 1-2-3 Blast On! for Something Awful's GameDev Challenge V , you play the titular Proudbottom. He's having a magical day: he can fly! It's being sullied somewhat by the cause: he's being propelled by an infinite stream of boom booms. That's poops . Luckily, an owl that can turn into a sword is impressed by his swift flight and arrives to help him deal with the ducks, geese, Nazis, asteroids and other obstacles that threaten his new skybound life. Threaten him first by causing his clothes to fall off, and second by breaking him into bits.

It didn't win the competition. I can't imagine what game could possibly be better.

It's mechanically simple, using just the arrow keys to dodge obstacles and Z to occasionally bash enemies. But it's funny and constantly surprising. You can download the The Curse of the Chocolate Fountain for Windows or Mac . You can download an entire album of music from its creators, for free. If you get stuck, check out the videos posted by the ever lovable , where I first saw the game. Thanks, ever lovable !