The current version of Windows 10 will be its last

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As Microsoft prepares to sunset Windows 10, it may finally be time to upgrade to Windows 11, especially if you want to take advantage of more gaming-specific features. 

The latest Windows client roadmap confirms that the current version of Windows 10, Version 22H2, will be the final version of Windows 10, which is expected to reach EOS (end of support) on October 14, 2025.

Microsoft stopped selling Windows 10 licenses at the end of January 2023, so system builders have little choice of operating systems going forward. You could still find licenses at third-party sellers, but those are overpriced and often not worth the headache. 

Windows 10 will still be receiving monthly security updates until its EOS date. So rest assured, you won't be entirely without a paddle until that sell-by date. But Microsoft "highly encourages" you to transition to Windows 11 since Windows 10 no longer receives feature updates. 

Features updates that include my beloved File Explorer tabs, snap layouts, and the ability to run Android apps on Windows 11 without downloading third-party emulators.

Recent Windows 11 updates have made drastic performance improvements on DX11 and DX10 games with improved display latency, variable refresh rate, and AutoHDR in windowed gaming. More than enough features to excuse the taskbar being moved to the middle instead of the left.  

If you're not planning on moving to Windows 11 anytime soon, the other recommendation is to update to version 22H2 immediately to continue receiving the latest security updates. 


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