The cheapest way to buy Gotham Knights in Australia

Batgirl and the Bat-logo
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Gotham Knights is the long-awaited, and much delayed, cooperative action game that lets you beat the crap out of goons as Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing and Red Hood (but not Batman: Bruce Wayne dies at the start). During a year that has proven a tad quiet for blockbuster games thanks to the flow-on effects of the Covid 19 pandemic, this is probably the biggest game of the usually busy October-November season, except for Call of Duty, because, y'know, Call of Duty.

So what is Gotham Knights? Lauren has the full run down of Gotham Knights, including all of its many trailers and details on all of its characters, but it's basically an open world cooperative brawler set in the Batman universe. It can be enjoyed entirely solo, though the two-player coop seems like the best way to play. The team responsible for Arkham Origins is working on this, so it probably won't be just another dull licensed superhero game.

Buying Gotham Knights in Australia is pretty straightforward, because there won't be a physical edition. That means Amazon won't tempt you with their rock bottom prices, at the expense of having to wait for a plastic box to arrive in the mail. 

As of late September, here are the best ways to buy Gotham Knights for PC in Australia, in order of cheapness:

Cheapest Gotham Knights prices in Australia

Gotham Knights @ Fanatical | AU$89.95 AU$75.67
Previously AU$75.67, Fanatical's offer has risen to a still-decent AU$79.11. This is a pre-order price: it may change at launch. Code redeems on Steam.

Gotham Knights @ Humble Store | AU$89.95 (with bonuses)
Humble is offering Gotham Knights at RRP, but not really. When you purchase the game you get AU$8.19 deposited into your Humble Store account, so as long as this isn't the last videogame you ever buy, you're making a saving in the end. Humble Choice subscribers can also save up to AU$17.99 on that RRP, so if you're a Humble regular they're probably the way to go. Code redeems on Steam.

Gotham Knights @ Green Man Gaming | AU$89.95
Green Man Gaming was previously offering Gotham Knights for AU$79.16, but in the days before release that price has risen back to RRP. It used to be the second best price for Gotham Knights. If you buy regularly with Green Man Gaming you may be part of their rewards system, which means the 792XP you'll get for buying it there may be worth it. Code redeems on Steam.

Gotham Knights @ Steam | AU$89.95
As is often the case, buying a blockbuster game from Steam at launch isn't the most cost effective idea. All of the above stores grant you Steam codes.

Gotham Knights @ Epic Store | AU$89.95
Yep, it's on the Epic Games Store as well, with no saving. If you've got credit in your Epic account, that may be the only reason to grab it from there.

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