The best XCOM 2 propaganda so far

In one of the few, delightful acts of game marketing in some time, you can now make propaganda for your XCOM 2: War of the Chosen campaign using Propaganda Center, a free program on Steam. It isn't exactly Photoshop, but the posters you create appear in-game, letting you lionize heroes, ridicule Advent, or simply spread memes across alien-occupied Earth.

In the day that this tool has been available, XCOM players, including ourselves, have created some variously effective, funny, and inspiring indoctrination material. Here's the best stuff we've found on /r/XCOM, Twitter, and elsewhere:

A bunch of Starship Troopers posters have popped up, but I love the perspective on this one by NeuroticNyx.

An MIT grad with experience in theoretical physics and exobiological combat. Where you at, Gordon? (One of mine.)

I love this series of portraits by hydrostatic_shock, who uses the filter tool to great effect to showcase his squad. Click for the full gallery.

SayuriUliana flips the propaganda center on its head by creating some mildly upsetting pro-Advent material.

Minimal and inspiring, Redditor nalerenn is basically the Don Draper of XCOM.

You know, if one of my 86 percent-to-hit rockets missed and slammed into this instead, I wouldn't even be mad.

Simple character propaganda with a good tagline. Nice one, deiah.

In this time of global war and occupation, where pornography is likely banned, PCG editor Bo Moore fans the flames of dissent.

Wolverine and Rita "The Angel of Verdun" Vratski are here to remind you that swords are sharp, and they don't require bullets.

Canadians get the job done.

This TF2 tribute could use a Spy, but at least it doesn't miss the opportunity to throw shade on BLU.

"Sometimes you need to appeal to the basic instincts," writes Redditor iR0cket.

Safety reminders are valuable in this time of conflict. Thanks, HeavyRedditGuy.

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