The best pro gaming to watch this weekend

Image from CS:GO Austin Dreamhack site.

Image from CS:GO Austin Dreamhack site.

It's an interesting balance this weekend, as Blizzard's biggest esports ramp up for some high-level competition while Valve's largest games both have qualifiers for huge tournaments in May. Hearthstone and Starcraft II have international tournaments held in Europe in the form of the second Truesilver Championship and the Gold Series International. Dota 2 and CS:GO are hosting qualifiers for Epicenter Moscow and DreamHack Austin, respectively. Now matter the competitive level, there's going to be some great pro gaming this weekend.

Hearthstone: Insomnia Truesilver Championship

This is the second Truesilver Championship, and will be a large tournament made up almost entirely of EU players—including big names like SuperJJ, Thijs, Rdu, Lifecoach and lots more. The tournament begins with a large Swiss group stage, with will narrow the field down to four 16 player double elimination groups, and finally a single elimination playoff bracket with the top eight players. Games begin at 7 am PT (14:00 GMT) today and continue through Sunday, and you can find the stream here.

StarCraft II: Gold Series International 2016 finals

The Gold Series International came to a head earlier this week, and the bracket has been raging on ever since. But that all ends tomorrow, as the only thing left are the semis and the grand finals. PtitDrogo faces off against Snute on one side of the bracket, while Harstem takes on PuCK in the other. All of this takes place on Saturday, starting at 6 am PT (13:00 GMT) and you can watch the stream here.

Dota 2: Epicenter Moscow qualifiers

The actual Epicenter tournament doesn't happen until May, but the regional qualifiers are beginning to wrap up in the meantime, with all of the teams set in stone by the end of next weekend. Things kick off with the NA qualifiers today at 6 pm PT (01:00 GMT on Saturday), and then the EU qualifiers start tomorrow at 10 am PT (17:00 GMT). There are two official English streams, the main channel here and a secondary channel here.

CS:GO: DreamHack Austin 2016 Qualifier

Similar to Dota 2, there's a qualifier for a much larger tournament taking place this weekend. DreamHack Austin doesn't take place until May, but there's a large open qualifier followed by a smaller closed one happening this weekend. The open qualifier will be best-of-one single elimination matches between 512 teams, and starts on Saturday at 10 am PT (17:00 GMT). The top eight teams will then move on to the closed qualifier the next day at the same time, where they will face eight invited teams including Cloud 9, Tempo Storm, and NRG eSports. The top two teams will qualify for the DreamHack Austin. You can watch right here.

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