The Battlefield 1 Holiday Event adds a new game mode and dog tag

In the spirit of the holiday season that is now almost upon us, Electronic Arts is giving away some free stuff in the Battlefield 1 Holiday Event that gets underway today. 

First up is a new custom game mode called Blind Delivery, a variation of the War Pigeons mode that turns off the minimap and limits players to handguns and explosives. Following that, from December 22 to the end of the event on December 29, EA will award the Holiday Truce dog tag to all players who log into the game. The 22nd will also see the introduction of a pair of new vehicle skins to Battlepacks, the Distinguished SchnucK and the Legendary Desert Gold.   

(The Holiday Truce, also known as the Christmas Truce, took place in 1914, when British and German troops agreed to an unofficial ceasefire, took part in joint burials and other ceremonies, exchanged food and gifts, and most famously played a bit of soccer. It's one of the most enduring images of the war, although the relentless, crushing horror of trench warfare snuffed out any possibility of a widespread repeat of the event in subsequent years.)

Finally, beginning on December 23, EA will give a free Battlepack to all players who log into the game, or two Superior Battlepacks to Premium Pass owners, while the holiday event is live. Battlepacks are those in-game trunks that contain different sorts of weapons, skins, and other such bits. More on that here

The Battlefield 1 Holiday Event runs until December 29. Details are up at

Andy Chalk

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