The Banner Saga 3 due this summer, new character series launched

The Banner Saga wiki describes its bearded Varl race as "warlike" with a "fondness for mead and brawling". If you've ever braved last orders in a Glasgow pub, you'll be familiar with their kind. If not, you might be interested in a video short that highlights one of The Banner Saga 3's most influential characters.

The following marks the first of a planned series. It stars Fasolt, The Loyalist:

As you may already know, The Banner Saga 3 marks the closing chapter of Stoic's painterly tactical role-playing series. It was successfully crowdfunded to the tune of $416,986 (of its $200,000 goal) last year, however hasn't given us much to write about since. If it follows the standard set by its first and second outings, though, I imagine we'll be onto a winner. 

I particularly enjoyed this excerpt from Chris Schilling's The Banner Saga 2 review:

You’ll forgive the occasions where the narrative and mechanics don’t always dovetail perfectly for the moments in which they do—spectacularly so during one story beat, as Stoic somehow generates nerve-fraying tension from a sequence conducted at walking pace. Yes, there’s still room for improvement, but this is a smart, worthy sequel: denser, richer, more complex and yet more intimate. Even if you’ll feel in dire need of a stiff drink once this second act draws to its devastating close. 

Alongside the above moving pictures, publisher Versus Evil says The Banner Saga 3 is "coming summer 2018".