Roman Empire-inspired cRPG Age of Decadence out now

Age of Decadence

Behold: The Age of Decadence is upon us. By which I mean that tough, old-fashioned cRPG Age of Decadence is finally out, after over 10 years of development. Look, here it is on Steam, and on GOG. It's a game inspired by the fall of the Roman Empire, and by the great RPGs of yesteryear, and developers Iron Tower Studio have put together this handy explanation of the game, if you're still on the fence.

I really like this part:

"The Age of Decadence is not a game about killing monsters or exploring mystical lands, but rather, surviving amid the greed and brutality of your fellow humans and carving out a name for yourself. Good and bad are purely relative. It’s a world of scheming and backstabbing in which your words and actions have the potential to forge alliances and sow discord, and your path is never certain."

You'll be able to get through the whole game without entering combat, and from what I've heard (I've heard that combat is well hard) that might be the most interesting way to play.

Obviously, the occasion calls for a launch trailer, so here's a trailer roughly coinciding with the game's release:

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