The 100 game giveaway! (US only)


Observe, if you will, our Facebook page . As of this writing, we count 92,271 intrepid souls among our fans--a number that grows, inexorably, with every passing day. Our forces grow stronger even as I write this, and when we top 100,000 fans, our army shall be unstoppable.

In order to hasten the advancement of our forces and to reward the courageous and forward-thinking fans who have made us the number one source of news in the whole world devoted exclusively to the great wonder that is PC gaming, I, Logan Decker, decree that we shall give away 100 games this week. That's 20 per day, in a different genre each day, every day of the week through Friday.

In order to declare yourself eligible for the daily giveaways we'll be hosting all week-long, all I ask of such a heroic and sagacious people is that you “like” the PC Gamer Facebook page (in the unlikely event that you haven't already), and then “like” the daily post announcing the games that we'll be giving away that day. “Liking” that post will automatically enter you in that day's drawing. Winners will be drawn at random at 5pm PST and announced the following morning.

(If your Facebook page is set to private, we won't be able to contact you with your loot, so it is with a heavy heart that I must declare such entries ineligible for a free game. You may, of course, set your profile to public just for this week.)

For our friends and fans in other regions, I beg your forgiveness for limiting this contest to US residents only, and I give you this pledge: once we have amassed our forces and PC gamers rule the planet from the North Pole to the South Pole, from Newfoundland to Equatorial Guinea, our first task shall be to break free of our chains and abolish the oppressive laws that prevent us from sharing our largesse among all the great members of our community!

I declare that today's game giveaway shall be in the honorable genre of the first-person shooter. We have 10 download codes for Crysis 2, five for Homefront and five for Monday Night Combat. Winners will receive one of these fine entertainments chosen at random.

I serve you with honor and gratitude. May these free games demonstrate my fealty to you all.


Logan Decker