The 10 best Dead Island mods

6. Dark Gloomy Overcast Skies plus Ominous Thundering in the Background

This mod adds dark gloomy overcast skies plus ominous thundering in the background . Perfect if you like the atmosphere dark gloomy overcast skies with ominous thundering in the background generates, and, let's face it, who doesn't?

7. Punch Drunk and Fist of the Dead Island

Described as a fun fist/physics Mod, Punch Drunk lets you fight off zombies as if you were a drunk person. Warning! Do not operate heavy machinery or fight zombies while under the influence of alcohol. Fist of the Dead Island gives you utterly furious and speedy arms, with the ability to send zombies flying across levels.

8. Dawn of the Dead Island

Following the Romero mod, Dawn of the Dead Island adds realism and makes the game “feel more like Stalker in terms of gameplay.” Gone is levelling, and the focus is on merely surviving the zombie onslaught. The zombies are more shuffley, too, but still pack a deadly punch, and that's on top of a whole bunch of character and game tweaks.

9. Gunslinger V2

If you're finding Dead Island too tricky, Gunslinger V2 gives you unlimited ammo and higher rates of fire. OK, so it's more of a cheat than a mod, but it's still pretty damn cool.

10. Director's Cut

We've covered this mod before , saying it “Rebalances the combat, skill trees and items to deliver better pacing and a requirement for headshot precision.” Since then Director's Cut has been updated to version 3.4 , which adds some minor tweaks to an already brilliant mod.

That's our pick of the bunch so far, but there are plenty more out there. Feel free to add your favourites in the comments below.