Thanos has been hit with more buffs and nerfs in Fortnite

Thanos, who’s doing a stint as a Fortnite character, presumably after being defeated by the Avengers and forced to look for new work, has been tweaked again. His health was buffed and damaged reduced previously, but now the opposite is happening. If superheroes had the ability to make these tweaks, they probably wouldn’t need so many movies. A few punches could save the universe. 

“Our goal is to allow more folks to truly experience the power of Thanos,” said Epic, “while also making you feel powerful when wielding the gauntlet.” To do that, they’ve made the following changes:

  •  Increased Beam from 12 to 20 damage on players 
  •  Increased Punch damage from 80 to 100 
  •  Decreased health from 800 to 500

General changes to the mode have also been made. Only rare, epic and legendary items will drop during the special Thanos mode, making it easier to kill the Mad Titan without making him feel weak. The rest of the changes are below.

  •  Reduced height of the Bus when dropping 
  •  Bigger initial storm circle 
  •  Less storm damage early game (first 3 storms from 5%/5%/10% per tick to 1%/2.5%/5%) 
  •  Initial Gauntlet spawn time changed from bus ride plus 30-45s to bus ride plus 120-135s 
  •  Increased spawn rate of Med Kits, Chug Jugs and Big Shields 
  •  Removed spawn of Bandages and Slurp Juice 

 Have any of you got your hands on the Infinity Gauntlet yet? 

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