Tetris Effect is coming to PC as an Epic Games Store exclusive

Tetris Effect is an award-winning puzzle game based on the timeless Soviet block-dropper Tetris, that was released in 2018 exclusively for the PlayStation 4, with support for PlayStation VR. It's so good that it topped our end-of-year list of five VR games we want to see on PC. As of July 23, it will be.

The PC edition of Tetris Effect will be available on the Epic Games Store, and like its PlayStation predecessor will have optional VR support via the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets. Publisher Enhance and The Tetris Company described the PC release as "the ultimate version" of the game, with uncapped framerates, 4K resolution, support for ultrawide monitors, and "other expanded game and graphical options not found in the console release."

The PC announcement trailer strikes me as "Tetris, but louder," but there's clearly more going on here than just just a fresh coat of paint on an old game. Tetris Effect currently holds an 89 aggregate score on Metacritic, which includes perfect scores from multiple sites. USgamer, which gave it a relatively low 80/100 score, summed it up like this: "It's still Tetris, but it's Tetris with something to say; Tetris that brings together the beauty all around us, from jazzy piano-led cityscapes to a celebration of other cultures."

Tetris Effect for PC will go for $40/€40 but will be available for 20 percent off during the preorder period and for the first two weeks of sale. During that same period, all purchases will be given the Digital Deluxe bonus content, including a seven-track soundtrack sampler and 4K Tetris Effect wallpapers, for free.

Andy Chalk

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