Tesla to demo Steam integration next month

Elon Musk
(Image credit: Theo Wargo (Getty Images))

Elon Musk isn't just about messing around with Twitter. The eccentric billionaire's day job (well, one of them) is running the electric car and clean energy company Tesla, a trillion-dollar firm that Musk has a 17% stake in.

Tesla vehicles are high-end and expensive items, and come packed with gadgets and gizmos both trivial and non-trivial (you can make your car do a 'dance', for example). One of the features is the integration of certain videogames on the car's internal screens, which was shown off by an account dedicated to, well, showing off Teslas. Musk was on it immediately, and unexpectedly revealed that the cars will soon boast Steam integration.

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Tesla has a shareholders' meeting within this timeframe, so Musk is likely referring to showing off Steam integration there rather than an immediate roll-out. Up until now Tesla has been building out its own service, Tesla Arcade, which supports a limited selection of titles in its Model S and X cars. The specs are a little fuzzy but Tesla itself brags about "up to 10 teraflops of processing power" that's on a par with the "newest consoles," so presumably Elden Ring won't be a problem.

Well, if you've got $80,000 to spare anyway. Aside from planet-saving cars that will let your kids play Stardew Valley on the motorway, Musk remains in the headlines mainly for being sued by Twitter, and his ongoing ambition to make a Mars landing with SpaceX. Oh, and really freaky robots.

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