Terrorhythm is a rhythm brawler game with extra rhythm

Terrorhythm is unashamedly similar to One Finger Death Punch. Both are 2D rhythm brawlers where you punch dudes to the beat, but to hear developer Evil Corporation Games tell it, Terrorhythm is more about mastering the beats per minute rather than the fighting system. 

Set in an alternate 25th century where sound has been outlawed, Terrorhythm asks you to fight on behalf of mankind's ears and free music. You can do so with a keyboard, controller or USB dance pad. 

Terrorhythm also has a custom music mode that lets you upload and fight through your own tunes. You can use any MP3 you have; the game will generate a sequence to suit them. Naturally there's also a normal campaign, as well as a harder mode. 

Terrorhythm will release later this month. The newly announced One Finger Death Punch 2, meanwhile, isn't due until 2019. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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