Teens rejoice! Snap Camera brings Snapchat filters to Twitch

It's—it's high noon?

It's—it's high noon?

Snapchat just revealed and launched Snap Camera, an application that allows users to apply Snapchat's love'em or hate'em filters via any webcam connected to their PC. Snap Camera is compatible with any application that uses your webcam, so it's not strictly for Twitch, though it has been rolled out alongside a bespoke Twitch extension. Streamers are able to restrict certain lenses to specific tiers of viewers and create special lenses that activate whenever new users subscribe. 

The application features some lenses pulled from Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends, too, so you can look like McCree near death on demand. You can bet we'll give these a shot during our weekly livestream, The PC Gamer Show, but I'll mostly be using Snap Camera to make uncomfortable gifs I can drop into the PC Gamer Slack channel on demand. Sorry not sorry.

James Davenport

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