Tales of Middle-Earth mod brings the War of the Ring to Age of Empires II

Tales of Middle Earth

We never turn down the opportunity to send men to their deaths to recover a piece of jewelry. Lord of the Rings continues to be great modding fodder, proven most recently by Tales of Middle-Earth . The total conversion adapts RTS classic Age of Empires II, adding 18 LOTR factions ready to clash steel on maps based on iconic battles.

Tales's team created "over a hundred buildings" to erect and tear down at will as you march upon the enemy, including "famous Middle-Earth landmarks like Orthanc, Barad-dûr, The Golden Hall, or Elrond's Homely House." Almost 30 new unit types are also included, which means you can finally set an army of Uruk-Hai against a gaggle of elves as punishment for shooting them in the nose at Helm's Deep in the films.

Multiplayer support and custom scenarios also work with the mod, so you and a friend can grapple for the One Ring together—in a gentlemanly way, of course. Mod DB houses all the necessary files to get started. Hey, you were looking for an excuse to reinstall the excellent Age of Empires II anyway.

Omri Petitte

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