Tale of Ronin is a gorgeous role-player about the human side of the Samurai

Texan developer Dead Mage launched Shadow Blade: Reload in August 2015—an underrated action platformer with a striking art style. Its latest project, Tale of Ronin, further explores the studio's self-proclaimed "extreme interest" in Samurai culture, however does so in a very different direction. 

Visually stunning, Tale of Ronin aims to explore the human side of the Samurai as it covers themes of camaraderie, betrayal, war, peace, and honour. "Our aim is to focus on the unique human aspects of the fierce warriors which has not been portrayed very much in other games or media," says Dead Mage. 

Here's how some of that looks in motion: 

With that, Tale of Ronin operates a "simultaneous" turn-based combat system, which "includes details of Katana swordsmanship"; as well as the Sekai System, whereby the world lives on even after you die—and you'll then fill the shoes of a new Ronin within the same world upon your return.  

Tale of Ronin is without a release date as yet, however this is certainly one we'll be watching out for.