Take a video tour of Destiny 2's chilling new destination

This week, for the first time in the series, Destiny 2 players have slipped the bonds of The Traveler, and embraced the lure of the darkness. With the release of the Beyond Light expansion, no longer are we bound to serve the whims of a giant floating paracausal golf ball. Instead we can now wield the power granted by, erm, some giant floating paracausal Toblerone triangles.

Yes, we are now wielders of Stasis, which from here on it will help us all think of as spooky cosmic ice. As I type this, with aching fingers, my head is swimming with the quests I need to complete, exotic weapon catalysts to unlock, and the weapons that pair best with my new stasis subclass.

Over the coming weeks we're going to be covering all that good stuff, but first, let's take a tour of Europa, the moon of Jupiter which provides a vast snowy playground for much of the action in the new DLC.

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For the launch of Beyond Light we've partnered with Bungie to create a series of guides and explainer videos. These are being made by some of the best known Destiny 2 content creators and experts. For full disclosure anything published as part of this program will include this panel.

Your host for this ridealong is Tefty, one of the founding members of the hugely popular Destiny Community Podcast, who also streams a ton of Destiny 2 and other PC games. (His Rollercoaster Tycoon streams are some of the best gaming ASMR out there.) 

In this video, Tefty gives us a primer for how Stasis works, who the main players in the story are, and shows off Europa's gorgeous and varied locations. Fair to say the art department really killed it with this one, just make sure you wrap up really warm.

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