Take a first look at eight new cards from Shadowverse's next expansion

While Hearthstone may be the big name you know, digital CCG competitor Shadowverse has been quietly building up a fanbase since it released on PC late last year. Initially launching exclusively on mobile in Japan, the game had already received its first expansion by the time it came to Steam at the end of October, and received a second one shortly after that. Now its third is on the way, as the Tempest of the Gods expansion is planned to release March 30.

It's a similar size to the previous two sets, adding 104 new cards to Shadowverse. Considering most of those cards are Followers (Shadowverse's word for Minion) and every Follower actually has two sets of art for if they get Evolved, it's an impressive amount of content to be injecting into the game every three months. Shadowverse doesn't show any signs of slowing down either, as many Hearthstone pros have already started streaming it occasionally instead of their usual wizard poker beat.

Now then, onto the card reveals. We have eight cards from Tempest of the Gods to show off, all viewable in the gallery below. Click or swipe to the side to scroll through them all, and you can find their ability text in the captions just under each image. 

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Earthshock Ogre (Neutral), Ability text — Fanfare: Deal 3 damage to an enemy. (Evolved Text — Evolve: Deal 3 damage to an enemy.)
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Ivy Spellbomb (Forestcraft), Ability text — Deal 3 damage to an enemy follower. Then deal 2 damage to the enemy leader if at least 2 other cards were played this turn.
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Jolly Rogers (Swordcraft), Ability text — Fanfare: Randomly gain Rush, Bane, or Ward.
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Mage of Nightfall (Runecraft), Ability text — Earth Rite: Gain +1/+1 and Ambush.
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Dragonslayer's Price (Dragoncraft), Ability text — Discard your hand. Then deal 5 damage to all followers.
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Prince Catacomb (Shadowcraft), Ability text — Fanfare: Give all allied followers Last Words: Summon a Skeleton.
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Mask of the Black Death (Bloodcraft), Ability text — Countdown (5) Whenever your leader takes damage, reduce the damage to 0 and subtract the same amount from this amulet's Countdown instead. (If there is more than 1 allied Mask of the Black Death in play, subtract this amount from the Countdown of each.)
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Octobishop (Havencraft), Ability text — At the end of your turn, restore 3 defense to this follower. (Evolved text — At the end of your turn, restore 3 defense to this follower.)

I've been playing Shadowverse for a few months now and enjoying it quite a bit. It's a deeper game than Hearthstone from a strategic standpoint, and is filled with loads of high quality art and interesting mechanics, even if its mobile roots can be felt in the UI. Shadowverse is free-to-play and available through Steam. You can also find all of the previously revealed Tempest of the Gods cards here