Tail whip killer robots in 2D 'motorbike combat game' Steel Rats

Nearest I can tell, a very peculiar apocalypse has befallen the world of Steel Rats. I'm not sure what happened, but whatever it was, only bikers survived it, apparently along with legions of death machines. I'm assuming the death machines were in some way responsible for whatever happened to everyone else, because the bikers are fond of turning them into roadkill in all kinds of extravagant ways. 

Developer Tate Multimedia calls Steel Rats a 2D "motorbike combat game," and it's newly released gameplay trailer looks the part. It looks like meets Mad Max meets Max Dirt Bike: you ride a motorcycle through 2D levels, swerving between lanes to avoid obstacles, kill robots and hit sweet jumps.

Your bike's standout feature is its souped-up front wheel, which comes equipped with deployable blades that not only make short work of robots but allow you to ride straight up certain surfaces. You can also use your front wheel to swerve mid-air and change your direction, which is just what you need to stick a cool-guy backwards landing after making something explode. 

Steel Rats will release later this year. 

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Austin Wood
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