Tactical RPG Blackguards is out now, as this hexy launch trailer proves

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Well I said (opens in new tab) Blackguards would be releasing in January, and I was (just about) right: Daedalic's turn-based, tactical RPG is out now (opens in new tab) on yer actual Steam. To coincide with the release, a combat-heavy trailer has been released into the wild. See spells fly, and baddies get incinerated after the break.

Blackguards is an unusually dark game from traditionally pointy-clicky developers Daedalic, which makes sense as they're the current stewards for the grim Dark Eye universe. We went hands-on with the game back in March (opens in new tab) , so it's probably changed a bit since then. If only there were a demo to - oh wait, there is (opens in new tab) .

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