Tacoma, Kerbal Space Program and 5 other great indies are currently on sale

Between Steam's daily and weekly deals, not to mention a few well-timed individual sales, a lot of indie games are cheap right now. The sales aren't bundled together and therefore will end at different times, but they're all good deals on good games. Here's a rundown, sorted by when they end:

Friday, December 15 

Ruiner - $13 at 33 percent off (same price on GOG)

Saturday, December 16

Kerbal Space Program - $20 at 50 percent off 

Tacoma - $10 at 50 percent off

Monday, December 18

Ultimate Chicken Horse - $9 at 40 percent off 

Battle Chasers: Nightwar - $20 at 33 percent off

Wednesday, December 20

To the Moon - $4 at 60 percent off 

Thursday, December 21 

Gorogoa - $12 at 20 percent off (same price on GOG) 

Gorogoa is celebrating its launch week, by the way. Our review went up earlier today (spoilers: Philippa was quite taken with it). It's worth noting that the Steam winter sale also starts on Thursday, December 21, so more and likely steeper discounts are sure to follow. 

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Austin Wood
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