Tabletop game Warmachine to storm onto PC in an already-successful Kickstarter campaign

How much do we want another game prefixed with "War"? Very much, apparently. In the case of turn-based game Warmachine Tactics, whose Kickstarter sprung up and seemingly bowled over its $550,000 goal practically overnight, it helps to be based on a much-loved tabletop game of the same name. Wading into battle, says the Kickstarter campaign , will be like holding "the power of a thunderstorm in the palm of your hand."

Developer WhiteMoon Dreams has teamed up with the team behind the tabletop series, Privateer Press, to bring the vision of a shrewd, XCOM-inspired tactical strategy game to life. There'll be both story-driven single-player campaigns (with an eye on eventually exploring all of Warmachine's factions) as well as an option for people to go head-to-head in multiplayer.

A squiz at the content on the official website shows that Warmachine's already coming along really nicely, and by the looks of it, is totally deserving of its swift Kickstarter success. Having already been funded with 28 days still remaining on the clock, you don't technically need to fund this thing to make it happen, though pledging at least $20 will line you up a copy of the game upon release. According to the latest update , the nearest stretch goal will see more races implemented in multiplayer mode if met; Warmachine Tactics will be in our hands "about a year from now."