System Shock anniversary stream will feature Warren Spector and the voice of Shodan

(Image credit: Nightdive Studios)

Believe it or not, September 23—that's today—marks the 25th anniversary of the original System Shock, the groundbreaking immersive sim that introduced the insane AI Shodan to the world. To mark the big birthday, Nightdive Studios is holding a livestream later today that will feature chats with System Shock producer Warren Spector, designer Tim Stellmach, and the voice of Shodan herself, Terri Brosius.

The stream obviously promises to be interesting from a historical/retro-gaming perspective—System Shock was a big deal when it was new—but there may also be some interesting conversations about the future of the series. Nightdive, which will be represented in the stream by CEO Stephen Kick and artist Robb Waters (who is also a veteran of the original System Shock and other Looking Glass games), is currently working on a System Shock remake, while Otherside Entertainment, which Spector and Stellmach call home, is developing System Shock 3. Brosius, naturally, will appear in both.

Otherside recent released a System Shock 3 pre-alpha teaser that looks very promising, and last month Nightdive showcased a remade toilet, which Fraser found to be a little too much like an ass-Cylon for his liking. Both games are due to arrive sometime in 2020.

The System Shock anniversary stream starts at 5 pm PT/8 pm ET. Nightdive's Twitch channel is embedded below.

Andy Chalk

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