System Shock 2 is heading to GOG tomorrow

System Shock 2 would be considered a classic in even the classiest crowds. Check out Tom's System Shock 2 reinstall for a sense of why it was so important, and why it's still worth playing. GOG will release a downloadable version of the progressive survival horror RPG/FPS on their service tomorrow. There's a big countdown on the front page ticking away the seconds until launch, confirming the SS2 rumours that first appeared on Flesh Eating Zipper a few days ago.

The GOG version has been updated by Night Dive Studios to work smoothly with current set-ups and operating systems. GOG's Guillaume Rambourg told RPS that "In addition to the soundtrack, the version of the game will have concept art, maps of the Von Braun, a interview with Ken Levine, the first pitch document, and much more." System Shock 2 has been riding high on the GOG community wishlist for a long while. You can lobby for games you'd like to see on the service on the GOG site .

Tom Senior

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