The Old Republic consolidates all players to high-population servers

Recently, Star Wars: The Old Republic opened up free server transfers from all of its realms to a handful of higher-population ones, hoping to consolidate the player base. As of today, the transfers are no longer optional. Every character in the game has been moved to one of the higher-population destination servers, though the dev post gives assurance that no characters will be deleted.

Every player now has 12 character slots (up from 8), and players with more than 12 characters will still have access to all of them, but cannot create new characters unless they have 11 or fewer on a given server.

A comprehensive FAQ is available with details about the merge. We've collected some of the more important answers below.

Will I lose my characters if my server is being consolidated?

No characters will be deleted during the server consolidation process. All characters will be moved to their new higher population destination servers, regardless of faction, level or class, and will be available to play. We are aware that players may have multiple characters spread across a number of servers that have been consolidated, so we have increased the character cap on a server to 12 (up from 8).

If the server consolidations have resulted in your account having more than 12 characters on your new server, you will keep all of your characters, and they will all remain available for play.

However, it will not be possible for you to create a new character if you have 12 or more characters on a server. In order to create a new character you must have a character list which contains 11 characters or less.

I have separate Legacies on servers that are being consolidated, what will happen when they are consolidated?

The first time that you log in to a server where you have unlocked a Legacy, you will be prompted to choose a Legacy name.

Please be aware that this does not mean that your original Legacy name is unavailable.

Following the server consolidation, Legacy names are no longer required to be unique on a server (for example, there can now be multiple “Superawesome” Legacies on a server!), which means that as long as your Legacy name is acceptable according to our naming policy, you will be able to choose it.

If the server consolidation has resulted in you having multiple Legacies on the same server, then your highest Legacy level will be applied. Your new Legacy will automatically combine any Legacy Traits you may have unlocked across those Legacies, and any characters that have purchased Legacy Perks will still have them following the server consolidation.

Will I keep my name when my server is consolidated?

We are aware of how important character names are to our players and so we have taken a number of factors into consideration where naming conflicts occur as a result of consolidations. If it has been determined that your character needs to change their name you will see an exclamation point beside their name on the Character Select screen. When you log in with a character that has been identified as needing to be renamed you will be prompted to rename the appropriate character.