Swap the bullet train for a muscle car in The Final Station DLC The Only Traitor

I really enjoyed The Final Station, the end-of-the-world train ride across a broken, haunted Russia—not just because it was good (it really was), but because I went into it with reservations, detailed in my preview, and the final release addressed nearly all of them. Even so, I wasn't really expecting it to get any kind of DLC, so I'm very pleasantly surprised that it is. 

The Only Traitor sounds like a parallel tale: While the train is making its journey to The Final Station, in the DLC you'll be driving some classic muscle across the shattered world in search of the last remaining shelter. The gameplay in the trailer looks very similar to that of the original, but the Steam listing promises new locations and enemies, some trips through "familiar places," and—this is the big one as far as I'm concerned—"more clues about the mystery of Visitations." 

The DLC will also handle passengers quite a bit differently than its predecessor. In The Final Station, you could rescue and transport multiple passengers, and while they were incredibly difficult to keep alive, the train carried equipment that could convert scavenged supplies into food and medical kits. In The Only Traitor, survivors will be more distinct as characters, with unique personality traits, stories, and skills—including crafting—but you can only ride with one at a time. Tough choices are no doubt in store.

The Final Station: The Only Traitor will be out on April 19, and will sell for $7. 

Andy Chalk

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