Surviving Mars reveal trailer takes us on a tour of a Martian colony

Earth’s a bit rotten these days, so why not consider relocating to Mars? Haemimont and Paradox have put together a new in-game trailer for martian management game Surviving Mars, and it continues to look promising. 

The trailer offers glimpses of the different stages of a colony, from its first moment, where unmanned rovers set everything up, to a burgeoning city of connected domes, full of colonists with their own desires, needs and personalities. 

Chris and I got to see it in action last May, and it boasts some novel ideas. Colonists, for instance, come with their own skills and agendas, and may even be driven mad by the harsh red planet. Or they might not be too happy with the way you’re running things and attempt to get in the way of your plans.

Here’s everything we know about Surviving Mars so far.

It’s due out next year.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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