Survival strategy Overland trailer shows off procedural generation, clever dogs

Visiting the PC Gaming Show at E3 2016, artist Heather Penn showed off a new trailer for Finji's survival strategy Overland. It highlights some of the roguelike's procedural generation of environments and characters, as well as showing some gameplay of the mysterious monsters, dead humans, and of course, the dogs.

Tim had some hands-on time with the turn-based strategy back in March, and found himself drawn into the experience, which he described "as mean as it is beautiful." If you're interested in playing the game in alpha, a new round of access will begin on June 13. 

Finji isn't using Steam Early Access for Overland for a number of reasons. Adam Saltsman, Finji's co-founder, wrote an insightful guest post for us recently detailing why he found a much better fit for Overland's alpha-testing needs by using Refinery, a new set of development and distribution tools launched by indie game store

Christopher Livingston
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