Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition DRM: Capcom admit they "Had it wrong"

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition - Red Eye Removal Tool GO!

Capcom are changing Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition's restrictive DRM measures with a title update due "shortly after launch. According to a post on the Capcom Unity blog , feedback from websites, blogs, and message boards prompted the developer to change the restrictions.

Thanks to the update, players will no longer be restricted to just 15 of the 39 characters when playing offline. You'll be able to choose any fighter to "practice your combo timing, have some fun with friends on a laptop, or whatever."

Capcom decided to tweak the DRM thanks to the argument that "legitimate users would have a worse experience than pirates." The DRM is still present - you won't be able to save challenge room progress or unlocks when playing offline - but it's a decent compromise. Arcade Edition will still use Games for Windows Live, which sucks.

We reported on the DRM last week, saying: "hackers and pirates are damn scary dudes, but we're a bit sad to see legitimate players taking a hit because of bad people doing bad things two years ago."

Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer/Senior Vice-President signed off with a heartwarming sentiment: "With that hurdle hopefully now cleared, I hope that we can make Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition the most successful fighting game ever on PC. I'd certainly like to continue to grow our audience on the largest platform in the world."

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is due for release in July. Check last week's post for the system requirements and more.