Super Rude Bear Resurrection is a brutal platformer where dying is helpful


Super Rude Bear Resurrection's developer describes the game as a "masocore platformer anyone can beat". Think Super Meat Boy only, instead of continuously throwing yourself against a spike pit to no avail, here you can continuously throw yourself against a spike pit to later climb up the corpses. It's rare you get to describe a game as usefully morbid.

Here's a trailer:

Crucially, creator Alex Rose confirms that you can complete each challenge without the need for past lives. The challenge is present for those that want it. For those that don't, dead selves provide a natural difficulty curve that lets you directly benefit from past mistakes.

The game is also being built with speedrunning in mind, with timed ghosts, seeded events and "super hard shortcuts" all planned.

For more details, head over to Super Rude Bear Resurrection's Steam Greenlight page.

Phil Savage

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