Super Mega Baseball 3 will let you import your teams from Super Mega Baseball 2

(Image credit: Metalhead)

Like me, you may have spent hours meticulously crafting your teams in Super Mega Baseball 2. I created a team based on my coworkers here at PC Gamer and took them through an entire season (though they were eliminated in the playoffs after my star pitcher Tyler Wilde took a line drive to the ribs and wound up on the disabled list).

I even hand-crafted a team of video game heroes and villains and made them play each other. How else would I ever get to see Bioshock's Andrew Ryan bean Portal's Chell with an inside fastball? That's the kind of fan fiction I need in my life.

So, as excited as I am for Super Mega Baseball 3's release, it'd be a bit of a bummer to lose all that customization work and have to remake my favorite teams over again from scratch. Thankfully, Metalhead Software is working on an import tool that will let players bring their SMB2 rosters into SMB3.

"We know our users have spent a ton of time building their own leagues in SMB2,“ said Scott Drader, co-founder of Metalhead Software. "We're working on a way to transfer that hard work over to the new game so you can pick up where you left off."

Great news! I won't have to rebuild Ryan, Chell, or Tyler again from various parts and pieces—and hopefully Tyler's ribs will have healed during the off season. The import tool will arrive "soon after" Super Mega Baseball 3's launch, which is still planned for an unannounced date this month.

Thanks, Polygon.

Christopher Livingston
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