Sunless Sea gets new quests to celebrate Zubmariner launch

Sunless Sea's Zubmariner expansion releases at 6pm BST / 10am PDT today, but if you need something to keep your captain occupied until the various store pages go live, developer Failbetter has added some new quests to the base game. As explained here, you don't need to have purchased the expansion in order to access the new content, but it will foreshadow some of the events that lie in wait in Zubmariner's spooky Unterzee.

Here's a list of what's just been added to Sunless Sea:

  • New faces in London: Each time you create a captain, you’ll meet a passenger who wants to recruit you in London, and begin a unique quest. There are a total of four new passengers to meet, and all of these quests contain foreshadowing regarding Zubmariner.
  • Your old friend, the Blind Bruiser: When the Blind Bruiser asks you to carry cargo, you can now ask if there’s another task he’d like you to do instead. There are two different, new quests to discover, both to do with the Cheery Man…
  • Mutton Island: Apocalypses: After you’ve made a few trips to London, strange events will start happening on Mutton Island.
  • Rose Market, Revamped: Opportunities at the Rose Market are no longer randomly determined every time you visit London. Instead, they’ll stick around until you fulfill one, or until you ask for them to change. This means that Rose Market requests acts as mini-quests, and you can set zail knowing what items will fetch a good price.

Disclaimer: Long-time PC Gamer contributor Richard Cobbett is a writer for Sunless Sea, including its Zubmariner expansion.

Tom Sykes

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