Sui Generis pre-alpha footage shows tense battles, deadly chairs

You may remember Sui Generis as the Kickstartered RPG that promised weighty battles and impressive, high-fidelity physics. If not, the latest pre-alpha video will get you up to speed. It's twelve minutes of people being thwacked, inventory being managed, and walks being taken. While not all of those things are as exciting as the others, you also get to see someone tripping over a chair.

It's a weird thing to focus on, but those are some lovely water effects around the three minute mark.

It'll be interesting to see how the developers pace the game. Combat looks brutal and tiring, which makes it an interesting challenge to make the world seem populated, while not turning the game into a grind. That might the reason behind the teleportation magic we see towards the end - although, how effective that will be outside of development remains an open question.

Despite the many unknowns, it's hard not to be impressed by the combat system. During the Sui Generis Kickstarter, developers Bare Mettle raised £160,055. Since then, they've been taking 'Late Backer' donations through their website .

Sui Generis is targeting a release date of May, 2014.

Phil Savage

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