Stronghold 3 opens trebuchet ammo poll, Kingdoms beta launches

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You're in a castle. You have enough food and clean water to last for months. "Ha!", you think "that foolish besieging army will never breach these fine walls. Truly we are safe." Then comes the distant sound of a trebuchet firing, and something sails over the wall, blocking out the sun. Is it a cow? Is it a pack of diseased badgers? Firefly Studios, developers of castle building and besieging sim, Stronghold 3, want you to decide.

A poll over on Facebook will decide the type of ammunition trebuchets will fire in Stronghold 3. Here are your choices:

  • Senile donkey

  • Cage of rabid otters

  • Retired dancing bear

  • Sack of diseased badgers

Back in our Stronghold 3 preview , cows were the ammo. Now it's wide open. The bear or the donkey might be the heaviest, but I think the pack of diseased Badgers is probably the best bet. If you heave the opportunity to ravage your enemy with diseased badger carcasses, always take it. I'm pretty sure it says that in Sun Tzu's Art of War somewhere.

In other news, Firefly's take on a Stronghold MMO, Stronghold Kingdoms is in open beta. You can sign up and play the game now by registering at the Stronghold Kingdoms site .

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