Striking ARPG Quote lands on Early Access with a typically off-the-wall launch trailer

"Knowledge is power," so goes the famous aphorism attributed to the 16th century philosopher Sir Francis Bacon. This is a handy phrase to carry through life—unless of course you live within the lovely-looking isometric ARPG world of Quote, where, at the behest of Bliss the god of ignorance, you must eradicate all forms of knowledge in order to save the world. 

Quote is out now on Early Access and celebrates with the following trailer. 

Filling the shoes of Novella, the priestess of Bliss, it's up to you to "purify the world of knowledge" by way of murdering its authors, burning its books and, goodness, "bludgeoning the thoughts from the heretics' heads." 

"As Novella, priestess of Bliss, you must purify the world of knowledge," explains developer Vindit. "Bludgeon the thoughts from the heretics' heads, burn every book, kill every author. It’s the only way to save the world from itself." 

With fully-voiced narration, hand-drawn artwork, and over 40 unlockable abilities, Quote draws inspiration from classic literature and surrealist art (and a healthy dose of the devs' imaginations, I dare say), and paints a weird but stunning world around its equally unorthodox premise.

"2017 seems an appropriate time to be launching a game about a world in which truth and knowledge have been eradicated," says Vindit founder Robin Lacey. "We’ve been building Quote for over two years already, working hard to make something very special—a unique world and story, all clad in darkly delicious, hand-drawn art. We’re so excited that people are finally about to see what we’ve been up to."

If any of that tickles your fancy, Quote is out now on Steam's Early Access platform—where it's subject to a 15 percent limited time discount and costs £9.34/$12.74.