Street Fighter V will allow PC and PS4 players to beat each other up

Street Fighter V

Last Friday, Capcom surprised everyone by unexpectedly rolling our a reveal trailer for Street Fighter V. Then, slightly less unexpectedly, they bundled it back in—most likely subjecting the employee who had accidentally published the trailer to a subsequent trial by Hadouken.

The game is now officially announced, and we've learned a few more details with it. Well, one main detail: Street Fighter V will offer cross-platform play between PC and PS4. That means you can theoretically punch your way through every SFV owner, regardless of what platform they're playing on.

Sounds great, assuming the netcode is up to the task. Cross-platform play has traditionally been a shonky mess for shooters, but fighting games seem far more suited to the task.

We're still pretty short on other details about the sequel. There's no release date as yet, so instead here's a picture of Ryu doing a kick so powerful that ink squirts out of his foot or something.


Phil Savage

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