Street Fighter 5 trailer introduces new character Rashid

Street Fighter 5 Rashid

Street Fighter 5's latest character has been revealed: a man who uses the power of tornados, light breezes, and of course punching and kicking to defeat his opponents. Rashid is SF5's second new character, after the hair-heavy Necalli, and you can see him do his thing in the following trailer, courtesy of IGN Middle East.

We're 11 characters into Capcom's lengthy trailer campaign, which will reveal all 16 combatants that will be included in the chunky fighting game at launch. The last was R. Mika (Rainbow Mika to her mum), off of Street Fighter Alpha 3. (Other characters will be added afterwards, of course, so don't fret if your favourite isn't in at release.) Here's R. Mika beating up the slicey Vega, on that British stage I'm getting a bit tired of seeing.

Tom Sykes

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