Streaming VR/AR 'mixed reality' games will be expensive

Mixed Reality Stream

As the first wave of consumer VR headsets hit soon, we start to look at what can be done with regards to showing off the games involved. Mainly because it’s not as simple as whacking a few cables into something and streaming the footage.

Games using a combination of virtual and augmented reality — mixed reality, as we’re apparently supposed to call it — will need a whole new approach if Twitch, YouTube Gaming and the rest are to have anything like decent-looking streams supporting them.

Step forward Northway Games, creators of Incredipede, Rebuild 3, Fantastic Contraption and a few others, which has put together a guide for streamers looking to go all out on their VR/AR/mixed reality videos.

The guide is in-depth and covers all areas you’ll need to take into consideration — from the size of your studio (8x12 feet/2.5x3.7 metres), through the sort of camera you’ll need (not a webcam) and even a step-by-step guide on setting up OBS and syncing your camera to work with your new, futuristic stream.

Technically it’s aimed at streaming Fantastic Contraption’s VR version, but the instructions are mainly universal to titles that will incorporate mixed reality.

The results for all that work, space and expense? Well, you’ll get cool streams like this (though yes, you will still be wearing a headset most of the time):